When i was growing up evryone on my mother &father side was incredibly stylish.My mother have a teeth which are made of gold. She is wearing all the time a high heeled shoes with a short skirt above the knee. Her wardrobe which where i could found a product of Chanel like suits and perfumes, estee lauder & lancome.As a child my parents always chose what should i wear. I asked My father why i need to wear this and not that one. My father smiled at me and said “wear it coz its perfect for you”.Those days i oftened heard from people or neighbors at our place where we live that they called us ” overclass family”. I didint react Coz i was a young and it was difficult for me to understand what those words really means is. Until one day time flies my interest in fashion become more stronger.One day I wake up in the real world that all of my things are branded. Fashion inspired me and this is my life !.


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