Hope everyone have a great sunday

Going outside to relax and have fun like shopping is important to enjoy it and think about the good in life.We treat ourselves to something we really love and forget all the troubles in the world.Whoever said money cant buy happiness simply didint know where to go shopping. Mrs J wearing Top by Filippa K & Dagmar @ Nordiska Kompaniet.  
  By Tory Burch  

Elegant Simplicity

Today having some shopping ,eating at restaurant and spending  my quality time together with friends and family is amazing!.. I bought some latest top collection by Filippa K. This fashion company started 1993 in Stockholm Sweden.Filippa K is leading in Scandinavian fashion and their  values is about Style, Simplicity and Quality.









Fashion trends 2015/16ย 

Fresh inspiration at your fingertips. There is a lot of happening in the world of fashion like trends styles new color and imphasizing  on comfort,unique and design.I love fashion and i love to write.Cardigan by Odd Molly and shoes by Jimmy Choo 


Odd Molly Poncho in Beige

Poncho is an old ancient culture of South and Central America. Wearing Poncho in neutral tones like beige keep the Style simple.Poncho trend can use as a Jacket to stay xtra warm during cold season.Matching  with a pair of high heel boots and balance with skinny jeans it looks great ridicolously ,cozy , comfortable  stylish and chic. 


Fashion and color combination

I love dressing up like street fashion or trends.Neutral are colors not to attract attention on eye like beige, brown or black and they literary go with anything and everything.Neutral  is an important in your garderob and  creat an effortly stylish look so dont dismiss them.Mrs J wearing top Cardigan by Odd Molly, Jeans by Michael Kors  bag by LV , shoes by Louboutin and eye glasses by Efva Attling.

Color says about you

Clothing color you select in your closet is important not only  to communicate but even can affect your personality like moods of  those arounds you.Studies showed that blue give calm ,creative and make people peace and safer.Mrs J top by Odd Molly


All saints day

Clothes are like a skin second color . Most likely you feel good when you wear your favorite color .Black makes everyone look amazing & todays trend because of halloween and special occasion & almost everyone wearing black.Wearing black dress is one practice in many countries.Mrs J wearing black top by Odd Molly.